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The world’s largest Producer and Operator of online radio stations

Aroha – Radio on Demand


Originally launched as an online media consultancy, Aroha now operates over 2000 radio stations.
Highly experienced in radio station management
Skilled in original content production
Developer of bespoke radio players
Based in the UAE with worldwide clients

Aroha – Radio on Demand


Aroha Media introduces Radio On Demand – independent, adventurous and unorthodox.

Radio On Demand is a trusted music discovery tool linking creators with their audience in a powerhouse of words and sounds.

Radio On Demand is entertaining, informative and mood enhancing because the pictures have always been better on radio.

Radio On Demand is personalised radio with an unrivalled choice of unique listening experiences – offering our audience free access, and instant gratification.

Radio On Demand listeners escape ad fatigue and the subscription trap and enjoy a zero-cost alternative to both traditional commercial radio, where they have no content control, and streaming which requires significant user commitment.

Aroha – Radio on Demand


Pioneering, Progressive, Innovative.

Despite the rapid growth of music streaming, radio has maintained its power to reach millions of listeners across the world.

Aroha is at the leading edge of innovation having developed bespoke software enabling our partnerships with music artists, content creators, media organisations and brand developers.

Aroha – Radio on Demand


In the new media culture of the internet,
listeners are discerning, impatient and
above all – demanding.

Aroha Media is perfectly positioned to change outdated attitudes, being at the leading edge of radio innovation.

This includes developing the software to enable Aroha to form partnerships with radio stations and artists to support them in creating their own radio brands.

Aroha – Radio on Demand


Radio occupies a unique space on the media landscape.

Radio is a linear medium not requiring primary attention
Radio complements a range of everyday tasks and activities
Radio is accessible, portable, and adaptable
Radio can be a source of escapism, comfort, and joy

Aroha – Radio on Demand

The invention of radio captured the hearts and minds of listeners, stimulating senses and inspiring the imagination.

Radio swiftly grew into the world’s most powerful communications medium capable of influencing public opinion and inspiring social change. Throughout the 20th century radio was an integral part of every day life for millions, providing an invaluable source of information and entertainment.

However, in the 21st century, traditional commercial radio struggled to evolve and radio stations failed to listen to the listeners. In the new media culture of the internet, listeners are discerning, impatient and above all – demanding.

Aroha – Radio on Demand

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Aroha – Radio on Demand

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